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Government Relations

House of Commons Standing Committee on Health - AROs

Pan-Canadian Adoption of Acute Care and Long Term Care Definitions

1. Acute Care Definitions

2. Long Term Care Case Definitions

Infection Prevention and Control Nova Scotia
Letter to Editor, Halifax Herald 

Hepatitis C in Nova Scotia Correctional Institutions
Letter to R. Delorey, Minister of Health, Nova Scotia 
Joint Submission by Women's Wellness Within and IPAC Canada (July 2018)

Federal Budget
Submission to Federal Budget -  August 2017
2019 PreBudget Submission - August 2018

Hill Day 2018
Brief to Parliament
Hill Day Photos

(Above) Ramona Rodrigues, IPAC Canada Board Member,
meets with Francis Scarpaleggia MP to advocate for an
ARO surveillance data repository system

TB In Northern Areas
Letter to The Honourable Jane Philpott - TB Prevention and Control in Northern Canada

National Infection Control Week 2018
John Oliver MP speaks to National Infection Control Week

IPAC Canada Thank You Letter to John Oliver

Shaun Chen MP - in support of NICW



Classification and Licensing of High-Level Disinfectants and Sterilants as Medical Devices In collaboration with the Canadian Association of Medical Device Reprocessing (CAMDR), IPAC Canada has issued a comment on the Health Canada Notice. The document is an overview of the changes resulting from new Health Canada guidelines and recommendation to members on understanding and implementing the new guidelines.