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IPAC Canada Products

IPAC Canada members can download the Audit Tookit, and informational DVDs from the Members Only area of the website. Click here.


IPAC Canada Infection Control Audit Toolkit

IPAC Canada audit tools are designed to support you to measure your success at moving best evidence into best practices in your organizations. The audit tools are available to IPAC Canada members to download AT NO CHARGE in the Members Area of the website. CD with or without links to online tools now available. A printed copy of the toolkit is available from IPAC Canada for $300 plus shipping and handling plus GST. For a detailed list of audit tools available, see AuditToolkit/toolkithome.php (Members Area).

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Best Practices in IPAC Related to Gram-Negative Resistance

Gram Negative ResistanceMultidrug-resistant gram-negative bacteria are being seen more commonly in many areas of the world. It is unclear whether specific infection prevention and control (IPAC) or antibiotic control measures will be effective in controlling their spread. The new GNR Toolkit contains information to help IPAC professionals make informed decisions on what measures to implement when needed. In particular, there is a best practices document developed with the assistance of 12 IPAC experts. The document focuses on routine and special practices, screening, surveillance, antisepsis, and disinfection. The toolkit also contains useful information on laboratory practices, antimicrobial resistance, outbreak investigation tools, and educational material. This toolkit has been developed by IPAC Canada in collaboration with APIC.


The Infection Control Toolkit: Infection Control in Emergencies and Disasters

Revised May 2014
The only disaster planning document that presents information specific to the key issues of infection control. Includes all the tools and materials necessary for surveillance, education, communication, laboratory, and management of personnel and patients are included. Handy forms, references, fact sheets, flowcharts, checklists, and samples provide the framework to interface with healthcare facilities and local public health preparedness plans. No other disaster planning document presents information specific to the key issues of infection control.

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