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SageSage International Attendee Scholarship

IPAC Canada and Sage Products LLC are pleased to announce the launch of the Sage International Attendee Scholarship. The purpose of the Scholarship is to provide financial assistance to eligible infection prevention and control professionals from under-resourced nations to attend an IPAC Canada National Education Conference.

The amount of $5,000 will be set aside for the Scholarship by IPAC Canada and Sage Products LLC. The maximum amount granted to recipients per award year would be the equivalent of five thousand dollars ($5000.00 CAD). Applicants will not necessarily receive the full amount. The award will include registration for the entire conference, including both pre and post conference education sessions, economy air travel, and a maximum of five (5) nights accommodation, and meals. In addition, the applicant will receive one complimentary ticket to the conference special event(s).

Acceptance of this award does not constitute endorsement of the company's products. The placement of corporate logos does not imply advertisement or endorsement of a company's products or services. IPAC Canada is not responsible for information found on any external website reached through corporate links.


2018 Sage Products LLC International Attendee Scholarship criteria